IF you were handed one of the business cards, odds are either myself, Carly, or one of our other photographers took your picture, or you expressed an interest in what we were shooting at the time... and told you to contact us to get the image(s).


First, we strongly suggest you create a client login... your personal information is safe, and not sold to any third party, but it allows you to build lists of the images YOU LIKE & LOVE, as well as those you Want, Get, and want to share with your family & friends.


Second, consider if your photo was ALREADY taken... if yes, then determine WHAT TYPE OF EVENT or shoot it was... and look for that 'category' in the IMAGES section.


For example: If we photographed you at a Concert, then click on Concerts... then ALL ARTISTS... the newest ones are IN FRONT, those older than a couple weeks are found listed by artist in Alphabetical order based on the FIRST NAME OF THE ARTIST/BAND...


If you were photographed at a CONTEST... they are divided up by location & date... if you were a contestant, then photos will be in different folders on that date. If you were 'watching' or 'just there' - then those images will be in a separate folder. Because of the topic, the contest images do require a 'user name & email' (your password is 100% safe, never seen by us... and won't ever be asked for by us... and can only be deleted by us, never changed, viewed, or otherwise abused in any fashion).


Events by name (note: Youth Events are in their own category), and both individuals & family, and Senior Pictures (event images, even if single or couples) are NOT going to be posted to the Portraits category, and aren't generally made public without the knowledge and permission of those in the images. 

LOOK FIRST... If you can't find your image(s), after 5 days following the shoot, please feel free to email me directly at: myphotoS (at) TerryMercer.com ... REMIND ME WHO YOU ARE (date, description, clothes you were wearing, location we photographed you (or the people you're inquiring about).


When you find the image you like, MAKE A FAVORITE (that 'heart icon') - so you can find it faster and easier in the future. You can quickly & easily purchase DOWNLOADs of the images you love, for use on the internet (personal or commercial)... or even get higher resolution versions for printing yourself. There are a variety of print options provided on the site, which usually take longer to ship than have printed. (You need to be logged in, or all your selections will be lost... in the upper right corner it should say YOUR NAME when you are properly logged in).


If you pre-paid for any image(s), it should have been emailed to you before it's posted here (unless I couldn't read your writing). Again, if you don't have the image(s) within 4 or 5 days, PLEASE CONTACT ME... and tell me where we shot you, and what you were wearing (what helps me identify you?... because even if I've seen you 100 times, remember there are a million images we have to wade through).


Image processing generally takes 24 to 72 hours, so they should (usually) all be online & posted on my website within 3 business days. PLEASE ALLOW PROCESSING TIME before emailing me., but they can sometimes take a day or two longer.

Also, if you really like or love a given photo... PLEASE COMMENT ON IT... let us know! Of course sales are always welcome, invited, appreciated, and enable us to pay bills, upgrade equipment, and remain in business!

Downloads are the fastest & easiest... and frankly the least expensive. There is a difference between PERSONAL USE & COMMERCIAL USE... please choose accordingly, and there are also SIZE CHOICES... the bigger the better if you are going to print, especially if you are thinking of anything past 8x10. I've decided to offer downloads & 'my-own fulfillment' at this point because of most all the professional printing options are out of the area, and have shipping costs that made the event photography cost prohibitive for less than a dozen or more prints. 


So, if you are interested in prints above 8.5x11, Canvas', wall clings, or any of the other specialty options please feel free to contact me directly before you order.

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NOTE: THIS SITE IS UNDER Constant change & CONSTRUCTION... if you are looking for something in particular, first try the SEARCH for the 'concert' or venue name... look under the 'people,' 'crowd,' and 'fans' galleries under the artists or reason you were there. IF you still can't find the photo(s) you are looking for, and are sure I took your photos... and at least 2 business days have passed since I shot the event, please send me an email.

NOTE: If you have any questions, or want to schedule a custom shoot - let me know.

Terry Mercer
865-384-8556 or
by email: [email protected]

All questions, suggestions, comments, concerns, and requests are welcome (and encouraged).

Thank You! I'm sure you'll find shots you enjoy & appreciate!


Some shots DO have SIZE LIMITATIONS... some licensing & reproduction limits - PLEASE verify with me prior to purchasing sizes above 11x14, and for ANY 'editorial license' inquiries, and 'commercial downloads.' Thinking a given shot will do (or legally work) the way you'd like (need). Your failure to disclose this, and get specific prior permission (from me) does NOT give you any specific or exclusive rights, and may create a liability issue for you, as I can't indemnify you from what I know isn't authorized. ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED, AND RIGHTS MANAGED! 

Some shots are available to & through art galleries... and on a variety of other web sites. There are also some in the form of signed & numbered lithographs. If you are interested, just let me know. Also, if there is a specific subject, scene, or type of shot you are looking for, please feel free to ask. I might have it in my library of over 500,000 digital nature & scenic photographs from all over the USA.

"The difference between a snap shot & a photograph is experience and equipment; and, more importantly, the knowledge of how to use both to your artistic advantage." ~Terry Mercer

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You can also 'Buy' any of the photos in a variety of medium. I have purposefully priced my photos much lower than most professional photographers because: a) I want the kids & parents to enjoy & appreciate my photography (and the athletes & artists skill that I was fortunate enough to capture). b) having children myself, I know how quickly the costs add up from game to game, event to event, day to day... but, honestly, and mostly, it's c) thanks to MD's Choice, they help sponsor and enable my photography, so if you have any joint, digestion, or general nutritional needs... PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT, and thank them! 

I've been blessed with the skill of timing - the experience of capturing tough shots without a flash or tripod... and hope that the athletes & artists, their family, and the fans all appreciate my work.

As a parent, I liked having photos of my children's competitions & experiences; as an athlete, I appreciated having memories captured; and, as a photographer, I'd rather sell a dozen GREAT action shots at an affordable price to those in the images (their family & friends), than just one (at a much higher price). Plus, ego aside, the quantity & shares help get my name & reputation out, and gets me invited to more special events willing to either pay me and/or promote my sponsor. So, I've purposefully tried to make personal downloads, and prints 8x10 and smaller, very AFFORDABLE, and at quality standards that would rival the best photographers shooting under the same circumstances, and easily surpass anything non-pro's could capture consistently.

IF YOU THINK YOU'LL WANT multiple photos from multiple galleries - or wade through photos from multiple computers please... email me.